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Percentage of GDP spent on Healthcare in 2019


Total US Healthcare spending in 2019

About the US Health Sector

The US is a leader in the health sector, and specifically in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. The medical field is large and is still growing. The sector will always have high demand due to the need for medical assistance and the increasing push for advancement in the field.

The Northeast Corridor, which is the area between Washington, DC to Boston, MA, has four hubs in the pharmaceutical industry: Boston, Philadelphia, the greater New York City area, and the greater Washington, DC area. These are cities with a large pharma, biotech and medical tech presence. These four cities have almost 320,000 jobs and nearly $16 billion in NIH and venture capital funding for the pharma industry alone. Furthermore, there have been over 17,500 pharma patents filed in these cities since 1976.

Another area where pharmaceuticals, biotech, and medical technology have hubs is the West Coast. Cities such as San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, and Los Angeles have large pharma presence. Between these four cities there are approximately 300,000 jobs, over $11 billion in NIH and venture capital funding, and almost 20,000 patents.