US Tourism Sector


Contribution of the Travel & Tourism industry to the US GDP

New York

Most visited city in the US

About the US Tourism Sector

The US travel and tourism industry has produced over $1.6 trillion in economic output in 2017, which supported 7.8 million jobs in the country. Travel and tourism exports made up 11% of all US exports and 32% of all US services exports. US travel and tourism output accounted for 2.8% of GDP in the same year. Expenditures by foreign visitors to the US exceeded $251 billion in 2017, leading to a $77 billion trade surplus for the year.

According to projections made by the Department of Commerce, the US will be receiving 95.5 million international visitors per year by 2023, which is almost double the figure in 2000. The US is among the most prominent countries in terms of international travel and tourism exports and is ranked third for total international visits.

The US has much to offer in regards to tourism. This includes national parks such as Hot Springs National Park or Channel Islands National Park; world class metropolises such as New York City or Los Angeles; entertainment venues such as Disneyland or universal studios; and many more.