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About the US Agriculture Sector

The agricultural sector of the US is vast and wide ranging. Some states with more total land area and more temperate climates, like California and Texas, have the ability to produce larger yields and more diverse crops and livestock. However, even smaller states and those with alternate climates, like Hawaii and Alaska, add to the agricultural industry with unique commodities that the more centralized states cannot produce.

California is one of the largest agricultural producers in the country. It had a total value of almost $43 billion in agricultural products sold in 2018. Raking in nearly $18 billion per year, the state’s top agricultural commodities are fruit, tree nuts, and berries, with $2.3 billion in strawberries alone.

Iowa is also a large agricultural producer. The $31 billion agriculture industry in Iowa is heavily driven by corn which had a yield of $8.7 billion in 2018. This strong push for corn is in part due to government subsidies. In 2019, farmers received nearly $3 billion from the US government in subsidies alone.

Another major agricultural producer is Texas. The Lone Star State has over 247,000 farms which take up 127 million acres. No other state has more land dedicated to agriculture than Texas. However, Texas’ top commodity is not fruits or vegetables, it is livestock. Cattle and calves account for $13 billion of the $25.4 billion total of agricultural products sold in Texas.

The Midwest is filled with agricultural leaders. While Iowa leads the way, other top producers in the US from the Midwest region include Nebraska, Minnesota, Kansas, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana. These six states account for over $100 billion in total agricultural products sold each year.