US Energy Sector


Largest producer of Natural Gas in the world


Leading US state for overall Energy Production

About the US Energy Sector

According to the EIA, the US has established itself as the world’s largest energy producer and the largest consumer. The US both produces and consumes 20% of the world’s energy supply, which is powered by coal, dry natural gas, petroleum and other liquids, nuclear, and renewable sources such as wind and solar.

Texas is the leading state for overall production of energy which includes crude oil, natural gas production, and electricity. Texas’ total energy produced in 2018 was 20,421 trillion BTU, which is more than both the second and third highest state producers combined (Pennsylvania with 8,987 trillion BTU and Wyoming with (7,718 trillion BTU).

Texas produces more crude oil than every other state combined with 9,184.4 trillion BTU estimated in 2018. For natural gas, Texas and Pennsylvania lead the country. In 2018, Texas produced ~7,847,000 million cubic feet and Pennsylvania produced ~6,211,000 million cubic feet of natural gas. Other leaders in natural gas production in the US were Oklahoma (2,946,000 million cubic feet), Louisiana (2,811,000 million cubic feet), Ohio (2,409,000 million cubic feet), and Colorado (1,831,000 million cubic feet).

Wyoming, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania round out the top three coal producing states, while Texas is the 9th largest coal producer in the country.

Clean energy is on the rise as one of the fastest growing markets in the world. The top 50 metropolitan areas for clean energy jobs account for 1.8 million of those jobs, and in total, 3.2 million people in the US work in the clean energy industry. This is almost three times the amount of people who are employed in the fossil fuels industry. LA with 307,000 and NYC with 261,000 employed are leading the way in clean energy jobs. Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, DC, Houston, Dallas, San Diego, Miami, and Detroit are also contributing, with a combined total of over 1.1 million jobs.